negroni week!

five classic negronis

aperol, campari, cynar, and the americano

negroni origins are legend. there are a lot of them. while the history is muddled, the drinks are not. count negroni, questionably a count at all, invented the drink somewhere between 1857 in senegal, or maybe 1914 somewhere else.

one theory in this cocktail’s evolution is that count negroni probably picked up a taste for stiffer drinks during his time in the united states. he was a cowboy, a banker, a gambler, a traveler, and a cocktail connoisseur. pretty much a normal guy.
count negroni requested a twist on his favorite cocktail, the americano, at a bar in florence, italy. the count asked bartender fosco scarselli for gin in place of the americano’s soda water. the bar patrons also began ordering one of count negroni’s special drinks, eventually known as a “negroni.”

some of this may be true