Our Next Chapter

Welcome to Barrington’s, where the rich heritage of Ireland meets the abundant flavors of the Pacific Northwest. Step into our welcoming space, where the rustic charm of reclaimed materials, lovingly crafted by local artisans, creates an atmosphere of warmth and authenticity.
At the heart of our tavern lies our magnificent live-edge bars, fashioned from single slabs of old-growth timber and adorned with hammered copper. This exquisite centerpiece not only captivates the eye but also embodies our deep-rooted commitment to both craftsmanship and sustainability.
Indulge in a sensory journey with our thoughtfully curated selection of libations, showcasing the finest offerings from Pacific Northwest farms, breweries, wineries, and distilleries. From locally brewed ales and PNW wines to artisanal spirits, every sip tells a story of our region’s abundance and diversity.
Complementing our drinks is a menu crafted from the freshest local ingredients, featuring Irish classics with a Pacific Northwest twist. Our culinary offerings are sure to delight your taste buds.
But Barrington’s is more than just a place to dine and drink; it’s a vibrant community hub. Join us for our popular Paint and Sip events, where local artists guide you through unleashing your creativity while enjoying good company and great drinks.
Come, gather with us at Barrington’s, where the timeless traditions of Ireland harmonize with the innovative spirit of the Pacific Northwest. Let us raise a glass together in celebration of good times, great company, and the unique flavors of our shared heritage. Sláinte!